New Year’s Questions

Many people begin the new year by making a couple of New Year’s resolutions. I would like to begin 2011 by asking a couple of New Year’s Questions. The idea is to find answers to them before the end of the year. My New Year’s questions for 2011 are:

  1. Will the Eurozone survive the year 2011 unscathed?
  2. Will the US economy recover from the Great Recession?
  3. Will the global economy recover from the Great Recession?
  4. Will Merkel’s government collapse?
  5. Will Judas Priest delight us with a truly great performance at the Wacken Open Air?

To make the game more interesting, I’m also putting my beliefs to market and say what I’m expecting. Let’s see how many times I’ll have to revise my expectations.

  1. Probably yes. At EU meetings, representatives of the member countries will quarrel a lot, mostly in order to convince their national electorates that they’re doing what’s in their power to defend the national interest. But I guess that in the end they will realize that the stakes are high and find face-saving solutions to save the Eurozone from collapse.
  2. I expect that the US will continue to suffer from high unemployment and slow growth. Another recession can probably be avoided. The situation reminds me a bit of Germany in the nineties: Unemployment is high, but the political will to do something about it is weak.
  3. This depends very much on the answers to questions 1 and 2. Whatever happens to the economies of Europe and the US obviously has a tremendous effect on the global economy. My guess: A painfully slow recovery.
  4. Probably not. The coalition parties (CDU/CSU and FDP) will lose most of the state elections, and Guido Westerwelle will probably lose his job as FDP leader, but the federal coalition government will probably survive, partly because the FDP has no interest in triggering a federal elections (its poll results are devastating).
  5. Judas Priest are one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time, but unfortunately time has not been kind to their singer Rob Halford, or rather his voice. His recent live performances were not very convincing, his voice is no longer what it used to be. I suspect this is the main reason for their decision to do a goodbye tour and dissolve the band afterwards. Nevertheless, as a fan I’m optimistic and I think they’ll manage to do a great show at the greatest heavy metal festival in the world, and they’ll make sure they’ll be missed when they’re no longer around.

Eine Antwort to “New Year’s Questions”

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